Agromash 90 TG
Tractor operating weight, kg6220…7250 Engine typeWater cooled 4 stroke А-41SI-01 diesel engine Engine operating capacity, kW (h.p.) 90TGA 69,1(94)/90TGM 66,7(91)
Agromash Ruslan
Tractor operating weight, kg 14200 Engine type4-stroke Cummins QSM11-C330 Engine operating weight, kW/h.p.246/335
Agromash 30 ТК
Tractor's operating weight with ballast, kg2390/2500 Engine type4-stroke, 2-cylinder, water-cooled D120 diesel engine Engine operating capacity, kW/h.p. 22,1/30
Agromash 30 SH/50 SH
Tractor's opeating weight
(with ballast and cargo platform) 2440 кг
Engine type 2 cylinder D120 diesel engine / 3 cylinder D130 diesel engine Engine power, kW/h.p.22,1/30/33,1/45 Lifting capacity, kg1000/1500
Agromash 50 TK
Tractor operating weight with ballast, kg 2750 Engine type3-cylinder, water-cooled D130 diesel engine Engine operating capacity, kW/h.p.33,1/45

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