CHETRA carried out test drive for enterprises of road-construction industry and housing and utility sector


CHETRA carried out test drive for enterprises of road-construction industry and housing and utility sector

On March 20, 2014 in Cheboksary “CHETRA – Industrial Machinery” showed its new updated machines and OEM spare parts for final customers – companies from various regions of Russia operating in road-construction industry and utility sector. 


Representatives of companies visited “Promtractor” factory (company of Machinery & Industrial Group). The visitor were shown the assembly line, cabin assembly shop and painting shop.

The visitors were shown serial production bulldozers with hydro-mechanical transmission CHETRA T-11, new bulldozers with hydrostatic transmission CHETRA T-11SP in soil reclamation version with power angle blade and CHETRA T-35 in new design. Moreover a development prototype of the smallest bulldozer manufactured by “Promtractor” JSC Т-6 with capacity 100 h.p., excavators CHETRA EGP-230, CHETRA MKSM mini-loaders and articulated dump truck S-33 were demonstrated.

The key moment of the event was demonstration of Leica levelling system installed in CHETRA T-11SP bulldozer with angle blade and CHETRA EGP-2326 excavator.

Leica system increases efficiency of the machine, minimizes material consumption at all types of earth-moving operations, in particular: construction and operation of roadways – explain experts. Using signals received from (GPS/ГЛОНАСС) and from the base station, the system determines location of the machine and the edge of the bulldozer blade with regard to the project. When an operator switches the computer into automatic mode, the blade automatically adjusts its position in accordance with the design level.


Following the market demand the experts of Leica Geosystems Russia installed this equipment onto CHETRA EGP-2326 excavator, previously this equipment was installed onto CHETR bulldozers. On excavators, this system is used, in particular, for soil excavation, initial stages of road construction, digging of foundation pits and other operation which require precise determination of the depth and the slope. Bucket positioning accuracy is 2-3 cm for height and 0.1% for slope.


Meanwhile the audience had an opportunity to evaluate the efficiency of operation of CEHTRA EGP-2326 excavator with Leica levelling system in the test site of “Promtractor” factory where a test drive of machines was arranged. Besides the excavator the visitors had an opportunity to try bulldozers CHETRA T-11SP with angle blade and serial bulldozers CHETRA N-11 equipped with YaMZ or Cummins engines.

In the picture: EGP-230 excavator, components of Leica levelling system for bulldozer, Leica levelling system for CHETRA EGP-2326 excavator.

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