Our brands


CHETRA is a trademark of industrial-purpose engineering equipment, produced by JSC “Promtractor” plant in Cheboksary, Russia.
CHETRA's communication platform:
CHETRA is a partner who provides clients’ with highly efficient and reliable equipment.
CHETRA's mission is to provide efficient equipment and technological complexes during construction works, power engineering works, mining operations, transportation and service support through the operating life of machines.
CHETRA's collaboration with consumers is based upon world standards.
CHETRA represents an optimal correlation of price and performance.
CHETRA stands for constant development and improvement.
CHETRA's equipment prospective customers are:
  • Mining companies;
  • Oil and gas companies;
  • Coal-mining companies;
  • Power companies;
  • Road-building companies;
  • House-building and industrial-building companies;
  • Housing and communal services;
  • Lumbering companies.



AGROMASH is a Russian national brand of agricultural machines, produced by Machinery &Industrial Group
AGROMASH's mission is to provide individual approach to any agricultural goods producer in order to introduce innovational technologies necessary for the business to be highly efficient.
AGROMASH's equipment is characterized by original design, ergonomics and aesthetics that guarantee the operator's comfort.
It is uncompromising.
Science-intensity of the product line is necessary for providing regular functioning of machines and equipment in different conditions regardless climatic zone and local relief.
It is flexible.
It provides an individual approach to every client. All of the units in the range serve to fulfill all the agricultural tasks.
It is profitable.
It is an optimal correlation of price and quality as well as operating and maintenance costs that contributes to the profitability of the business.
It is dynamic.
The constantly expanding range of products and agricultural technologies as well as innovational models can meet any, even the most exigent, demands.
It is responsible.
The highly developed net of service centers and professional personnel ensure comfortable maintenance and efficient current repairs.
It is promising.
The expanding net of dealer centers both in Russia and abroad contributes to high availability of the AGROMASH products.
Agromash: "We are result-oriented!"



CHAZ – is the separate trading mark of undercarriage and its fast-worn-out components produced by CHAZ JSC and Kurganmashzavod JSC (Machinery & Industrial Group N.V.).

Communication platform CHAZ TM:
CHAZ TM - is a partner, that will improve the quality and increase the operation life of your equipment.
CHAZ TM mission is customers providing by undercarriage spare parts for industrial equipment operating in heavy extreme conditions of exploitation.

CHAZ TM – high quality, that meet the requirements of the international standard
CHAZ TM – reliability of the equipment in different conditions of operation
CHAZ TM – modern ways of the production and innovations
Top consumers of CHAZ TM productions
  • Diamond and gold mining industry
  • Agricultural branch
  • Road construction
  • Oil and gaz industry
  • Timber industry
  • Coal mining
  • Construction enterprises

Advantage of brand
  • Long-term traditions and experience of manufacture
  • Guaranty of high quality
  • Innovations and scientific approach

Guarantee of CHAZ TM brand products high quality is long-term experience and regular optimization CHAZ JSC capacities. CHAZ JSC history starts since 1951 and it is known as accepted leader in the market within long time. All technologies and machine-tooling fleet of CHAZ are always renewing according to the market needs. CHAZ is a supplier of assembling lines of many Russian machine-building factories. Reliability and quality of spare parts win the trust of Russian and foreign customers.

CHAZ TM is a follower of the best CHAZ JSC traditions.



SILANT - Functionality in movement. Multi-purpose machines from «Autospezoborudovanie» plant in Velikyi Novgorod, Russia.


Silvatec is occupied with production, sale and service of forestry machines, harvesting heads and self-propelled chippers.
The company was founded in 1984, since then Silvatec has experienced a huge growth, but the company values are still the same. Silvatec stands for quality and carefully prepared solutions.
The Silvatec machines take a maximum of consideration to the working conditions for the driver as well as to the forest they work in.
No matter what the task is, Silvatec has the right equipment. Our goal is to deliver the best products on the market.



We want to prove our strength, not only through our powerful machines, but also through our technical leadership and through the service that we provide.
We want to be ahead the game when it comes to supporting our dealers and making our target market, the farmer, successful. Machinery that saves time due to simple operation and lasts longer thanks to robust construction and reduced wear brings economic success.
Machines that are well thought out, have impressive levels of functionality and win you over with their attractive design make work much more enjoyable and assist our farmers in attaining their personal goals.